Here’s a different sort of Hurricane Matthew story. Our nephew Matt and his bride Lenore had to cancel their wedding plans in the Bahamas. They chose that destination because Lenore’s family is from Trinidad Tobago, and visa/passport arrangements to a US destination would be a challenge. Fortunately they were not harmed during the hurricane. However Lenore’s mom was not able to come to the wedding in Mechanicsburg last Saturday. A beautiful wedding. Congratulations, Matt and Lenore. Hurricane Matthew could not keep you apart!


On Sun. newlyweds Matt & Lenore joined us in DC to visit the compelling new African American Museum. A must-experience part of our shared national story (That’s my bro Marsh, friend Natalie) afammus

Looking forward to Sat. Nov. 5 sharing Soldier’s Heart with Hanover PA book group hosted by Peggy Westerhold


On Sun. Nov. 6 we fete Major Suzanne Saunders, retiring from The Salvation Army, York PA Wish her well—

Sunday is also “Fall back” end of daylight savings (less time to read, bummer:>).

Let’s rest up—& vote on Tues Nov 8.


Book Expo Fun

Lots of happy memories from the October 2016 Book Expo! Kudos to organizer Demi Stevens and all of you book lovers who visited & shopped. Loved the feedback re: Soldier’s Heart from historical fiction fans.


And as we continue to seek solutions to the addiction epidemic it’s my privilege to share stories of overcomers, in Sandpaper Sisters.


Congrats to the winner of an authentic Civil War era deed, Dotty Rohrbaugh!


Nov 11-We’re thankful for veterans and those in active service. My dad Marcus, WWII US Army paratrooper (Italy) still strong @ 91.

Michele and Dad at Gold Star Garden 2

WWII Vet (US Air Force-Germany) Dad Baker (Bill) also celebrating his 90th birthday this month. Happy b-day Dad B!


A salute to retired Salvation Army Major Harold Borror, a Korean War vet & “Chosin Few” survivor. I’ll be tweeting his & other hero stories this month. Read Major Borror’s exciting story of survival featured in the Nov issue of the national publication

Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours.


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