December remembers

January is the month favored for new resolutions. I choose December for remembrance. December remembers.

December and Christmas memories intertwine. My childhood creche had a chimney. I went through a phase of jealousy. If one of my brothers got to place the baby in his manger, I’d drop Jesus down the chute.

Thank goodness for maturity and grace. At age 8 I was Mary in a church Christmas play. It gave me a memorable foretaste of the intimacy of mothering. So it felt strange and intrusive to have an audience of eyes on me. No wonder Mary “hid things in her heart” (Luke 2:19). (more…)

Happy tales: wedding, expo & 3 special veterans

Here’s a different sort of Hurricane Matthew story. Our nephew Matt and his bride Lenore had to cancel their wedding plans in the Bahamas. They chose that destination because Lenore’s family is from Trinidad Tobago, and visa/passport arrangements to a US destination would be a challenge. Fortunately they were not harmed during the hurricane. However Lenore’s mom was not able to come to the wedding in Mechanicsburg last Saturday. A beautiful wedding. Congratulations, Matt and Lenore. Hurricane Matthew could not keep you apart!



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