Bring your hero- York Book Expo- Sat.

Thinking about heroes as I prep for Nov 17 launch of my novel Soldier’sHeart. Inspired by an untold true story. Two Civil War era families. Landowners who lived as neighbors in Carlisle, PA: Thompsons, black, and Hendersons, white. Find out more about the true sources of inspiration for Soldier’s Heart. I want to hear about your heroes. Meet me @ York Book Expo York PA Fairground Sat Oct 17 1 to 5 pm. Free admission! Win a Kindle!!


Who’s your hero?

Heroes. Like Chris Mintz who took a shooter’s bullets to save others.
No surprise he’s a vet.

Work colleagues were talking about celebrity heroes who had fallen from grace. It got too sad, thinking about lives publicly dedicated to doing right, who had somehow gone down a very wrong path. So we flipped the conversation.


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